Company profile

Carep Energy Services is a private company with more than 20 years of History, in its very inception, CAREP was known as: CAREP – Compagnie Africaine de Réalisation d’Equipements Pétroliers, it has been founded in 1995 by Mr. Fodil Hadibi, a veteran of Algeria Oil & Gas Industry.

Mr. Fodil Hadibi was a former Manager within Sonatrach (Algeria National Oil & Gas Company), he was the founder of BJSP (a JV between ENSP & BJ International, now baought by Baker Hughes) and its President  for almost 15 years.

When retired Mr. Hadibi founded SOSAPAL, a Trading & Manufacturing Company that specializes in Pipe & Valves Business, in late 1995, he founded along with other investors CAREP, with offices in Algiers and an Operations Base in Hassi Messaoud, Algeria’s Oil & Gas Complex City.

Until 2014, CAREP was trading in Oil & Gas Equipment, as well as representing many foreign companies competing for Projects with local Oil & Gas Operators, Drilling Contractors and other players of the Industry in the country.

CAREP, along with its sister companies SOSAPAL, SOSAVAL & INDUS-NET formed the Hadibi Group of Companies.

In 2014, Hadibi Group of Companies reorganized itself, following this reorganization, CAREP became an independent company of the Group and rebranded to Carep Energy Services, with a new spirit but with an important and consistent heritage of knowledge, connections and ties within Hydrocarbons Industry of Algeria.

Carep Energy Services continues from 2014 to provide valuable and uncommon strong support to its Principals with a unique goal their success in Algeria.

CAREP is an Agency/Representation, Consulting & Operations Support Services Company, which specialize in offering its multinational Principals a wide spectrum of services targeted at defining, maintaining, growing, and managing their business interests in the oil, gas and petrochemicals industry in Algeria. Aided by unrivalled expertise and business relations in these specializations, we work with our principals towards aligning their immediate goals with related long-term scenarios we forecast, and herein, executing the chosen and most viable strategy.

For wholly new entrants and established players of small and large sizes alike, we provide the possibility to start business in Algeria without using much time and resources. We help them in building up local knowledge, get authority approval, hire staff and invest in office facilities, among others. Furthermore, CAREP is a cost-effective set-up, as principals do not need to have an employee stationed abroad.

CAREP team provides professional services that are customized to make our principals businesses a success in Algeria. We work as a team with our principals and our clients to create positive and everlasting business relationships.

CAREP provide marketing support, liaison services, tender collection and bid submission services for international companies. We take special interest in promoting new technology product and services.