Our identity

Carep Energy Services is an Algerian Company with an International Spirit, having on its duty the growth of companies from multiple countries and continents, our identity represents the common noble principals to all our Principals.

Carep is committed to the traditional business ethics to ensure the trust and loyalty of clients; long-term business relationships have been built with our clients and overseas principals, through:

  • Capital: Carep most valuable capital is its People, its Partners, and Clients.
  • Quality: Carep is dedicated to quality, innovation, efficiency, and loyalty in all its activities.
  • Integrity: Carep ensures every time to hire staff with high level of integrity, our process includes from any applicant to show his police and judicial record, ensuring none of hired staff have been convicted or questioned about any bribery or corruption facts.
    This process ensures, also, that our Principals will be protected against any questioning or international investigation related to bribery, corruption or payment facilitations, that could rise from any of our staff engaged or not in our Principals Businesses.
  • Loyalty: Appart of Integrity while hiring our staff, Carep ensures also this staff is loyal both to the company and to its principals interests within the country, in this regard, we will defend and support our principals under any circumstances strengthening their market share and more importantly their image within the country and the industry.
  • Ethics: We conduct our principals businesses locally with a high degree of Ethics, this is our Legacy from the company founders, a legacy of more than 50 years in the Industry of Oil & Gas, never being questioned or convicted of bribery, disloyal competition, payment facilitations or any other case related to honor or freedom privation.