Our infrastructure

To conduct its business within the largest country in Africa, Carep Energy Services have a strong infrastructure both in Algiers (Capital of Algeria) and in Hassi Messaoud (Algeria Oil & Gas Complex City), this infrastructure is dedicated to both usage of Carep and its Principals & Partners.

Algiers City:

Company Headquarters with fully equipped offices and vehicles, at present Carep is having more than 300 meters squares offices in two places in Business Suburbs of Algiers, Carep is also planning to expand its infrastructure in the city by acquiring a new building with a total superficies of 700 meters square and more of 13 fully equipped offices and meeting rooms.

Our Headquarters Offices are also used by our Principals and Partners for their business and working purposes while visiting the country.

Hassi Messaoud City:

At the Capital of Oil & Gas of Algeria, Carep is having and extensive infrastructure constituted at this date of:

  • Regional Headquarters: a villa of offices and reception rooms fully equipped for both working purposes and Business to Business Receptions, ideally situated at downtown Hassi Messaoud in a residential area, the residency provides the required discretion, security and adequate atmosphere to successfully conduct its business.
  • Services Base: ideally situated near the Airport of Hassi Messaoud, at Oued Irara area, the base of 5000 meters square consists of a complete fully equipped Complex of Offices, Accommodation, Catering, Maintenance Workshop and Security.

This base is dedicated to support at a same time activities of Carep and Operations of its Partners operating in Oilfield Services, in matters of Administration, Accommodation, Transport (through its fleet of 4×4 Cars) and Maintenance Workshop with a 2.5t Overhead Crane and complete sets of tools.

Carep through its staff is also having an extensive Logistics Capabilities enabling it to prospect and propose to its partners suitable and affordable Lands, Bases and Heavy Duty Equipment.