Carep’s clients are indeed the clients of its Principals, as Agent, Carep is considering the Client’s of its Principals as its own clients, without hesitating to consider them as its own Priority, axing its policy to their satisfaction, the growth of their number for the sole benefit of its Principals and thus their market penetration and share.

Carep deploys this policy through a tight communication, permanent disposal to take care, at any time, of their needs and requirements.

Carep’s team focuses, in particular, to visit on a regular basis these clients, making presentations, communications and marketing campaigns of its Principals, as well as, enquiring about any requirements, needs and observations from the aforesaid clients.

Carep do represents Principals in the following Businesses:

  • Liner Hangers, Float & Completion Equipment from India
  • Oil Country Tubular Goods from India
  • Asset Integrity from Spain
  • Wellheads & BOP’s from United States
  • Controlled Pressure Drilling (MPD, UBD & AD) from United States
  • Mud Logging from India
  • Drilling Equipment from United States
  • Valves from India
  • Chemicals from Scotland
  • Inspection & Certification from United Kingdom
  • Tanks, Storage & Heat Exchangers from India
  • Geophones from China
  • Turbo Drills & Directional Drilling from Russia
  • Steam Turbines from India
  • Pumps from Italy
  • Microseismic from Canada
  • Technical Support (Provision of High Skilled Staff) from Scotland
  • Skids from Italy
  • Marine & Heavy Duty Machinery from Germany


Our Pincipal Clients are:

Sonatrach Group (Algeria National Oil & Gas Company), Sonelgaz Group (Electricity & Gas Distribution Company), Enafor & ENTP (Drilling Contractors), ENSP and its subsidiaries (BASP, BJSP, HESP & WESP), Sonatrach JV’s with International Oil Companies such: Groupement Berkine, Groupement Bir Seba, Groupement Ourhoud, Groupement Sonatrach-Agip, Groupement Sonatrach Sinopec, Groupement Gara Tisselit Tanezruft, Groupement Tin Fouye Tabankort, Groupement Reggane, Groupement Timimoun etc..